you make my dreams come true

soy esa persona en que puedes confiar y expresarte :P jajajaja wuuu ..!!!! y soy fan de new girl

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This is soooo beautiful,I can’t stop crying ♥ RINN ♥

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I came to The Academy to be the best ballerina I could be. What I took away was courage: to stop and wonder at a blank page, the open road, to dream big, but also wide, allowing room for new dreams—unexpected ones, because the point never was achieving a dream.

It was having one, and pouring everything into it.

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You know Nico’s giddy as fuck to be able to put his hands all over Sharon’s flawless self in series 2.


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"There are times when I can’t stop speaking, when a million words leave my mouth in a matter of seconds… a million words that mean nothing… but when I want to find some words that mean everything, I just can’t speak. Like: I miss you. Like: I love you. Like: My world is falling apart and I need you by my side."

- Rae Earl ( my mad fat diary)

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Te puedes enamorar a la edad que sea y da igual cuanto tiempo lleves conociendo a esa persona, una semana, un mes, dos meses, el amor es o no es, uno no anda poniendole fecha a los sentimientos.

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